It’s 2am, and there are 5 minutes left to bid in the auction. You’ve done some number crunching, and it seems like a fantastic deal. Still, even as a deal, the investment is considerable. Will you fire another shot?

It times like these, and also when things are a bit less hectic, it can be invaluable to have someone to ask for a second, or third opinion.

Another Domainer

You wouldn’t ask a random friend for a second opinion in a medical situation, nor should you in a domaining situation. You need the opinion of an expert, or at least someone generally familiar with the marketplace.


Of course, trust is a factor, not just in their assessment skill as above, but that they won’t snatch up the very domains you’re asking about!

It would be a very damaging move on their part, as a friend who steals my domain name is no friend at all, but still, be careful.

Finding Domainer Friends

You can maybe get to know people on messageboards, but physical world friends are better for this. Still, if you have strong webmaster contacts, chances are they’ve dabbled in domains at least a bit, and can offer at least a somewhat qualified point of view.

If possible, try to cultivate domainers among friends and relatives. Encourage webmasters to be domainers, and encourage friends to be webmasters. You can never have too many online associates.

Finally, feel free to ask me! I suppose you have no reason to trust me, but I’m putting the offer out there anyway. I will usually respond fairly quickly, quite often within 24 hours.

I have a fair bit of domaining and webmaster experience, so don’t hesitate, and I’ll try my best to help.

If we seem to shop in the same places, or if I already had my eye on your domain, I’ll be honest about any conflict of interest, but I imagine this will be a rare occurance.

Best of luck, and try to build your network. In the haze of domain addiction, a second opinion can be all the difference. I have about 5-6 friends I check with regularly about domains, and am forever grateful to them.

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