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All too often I see domains being sold as “brandable”. It’s such an easy term to throw around, as people hide their weak domain behind a veil of subjectivity, or are kidding themselves like an unflinching mother of an ugly child she’s sure is just the handsomest. More »

How long is too long? Is shorter always better? When it comes to domain name lengths, people get very preoccupied with size. If you’re seduced by the small, here’s the scoop on what to think about when counting characters.

Too Long To Type?

How often do you really type out full domain names? Once I’ve visited a site, whether on my phone or computer, my browsers give autocomplete suggestions after the first character, no matter how long the final domain is. More »

Google and other search engines, with “spiders”, crawl the web, reading and navigating across links much like a human surfer. In doing so, they create a mapping of the connection between sites to determine sources of trust and authority, and in turn, sites worth ranking.

Link Value

The more links a site has pointing to it, the more value it is said to have. More »

You may think the site you have planned is new, but there is a chance it could connect in some way to the domain name legacy of the sites that used to occupy that spot.

Domain Homes

The domain names are the homes of websites. Sometimes homes are occupied, sometimes they’re abandoned. Sometimes they are bulldozed into nothingness, and sometimes they never were to begin with, even if the land always did. More »