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Sometimes you want to check the same domain name in two different ways. The most common was is if you want to check if it’s available on a domain check site, and you want to see the site itself. What’s the quickest way to check both? More »

The domaining world is wide open. While potentially seeming dry and data-driven, the flexibility of the data and the ways it can be used in producing a limitless amount of website concepts is mind-boggling.

In short, as domain names are connected to every website in some way or another, working backwards, the potential of creativity in domaining echoes the potentialy of creativity of the web itself. More »

When it comes to any buy/sell investment, you always have to consider the amount of time it takes to operate and manage. I’ll hear from or about people who search for and buy real estate, renovate it, and flip for a profit. That’s all well and good, but how much time did they put into the process? More »