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It’s 2am, and there are 5 minutes left to bid in the auction. You’ve done some number crunching, and it seems like a fantastic deal. Still, even as a deal, the investment is considerable. Will you fire another shot?

It times like these, and also when things are a bit less hectic, it can be invaluable to have someone to ask for a second, or third opinion. More »

Any webmaster who’s built a site from scratch was in some ways a domainer, faced with the charge of creating and committing to a name. Did you enjoy that process? Was it a stress, or was it fun too?

If you did enjoy it, then maybe domaining as a practice in its own right is something for you to explore. This article expands a little more on the nature of the domainer and the practice of domaining to help you know if you should consider pushing further down this road. More »