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At this point, search engines like Google still offer a ranking bonus for a particular keyword is that exact keyword is the entire domain name. In general, keywords in URLs are nice and can help rankings, but the exact in particular has consistently offered a noticeable difference. So, in the evaluation of a particular domain, this aspect should be considered. But how, and to what extent? More »

A pet peeve of mine is people confusing a large amount of search results as an indicator of search volume. Search results represent the state of the web’s pages, relative to searched keywords, not the degree to which the keywords themselves are searched. This pet peeve is extended when people search without quotes, since the exact phrase they think they’re seeing search volumes for may not even be on the page (you would need to have searched terms in quotation marks for pages with the exact phrase). More »

I believe everyone using a web browser should use a form of SEO bar/toolbar, and especially any would-be domainer. Even if your particular method of domaining doesn’t revolve around search, you should still be aware of its value-assessing (and thus value-giving) nature.

Domaining is largely about buying and selling based on a variable but approximately measurable perceived value, across a variety of value criteria. More »

A domain name purchase is a complex affair. They can be very cheap, but can still be the result of a careful weighing of a variety of factors.

Below is a list of all the factors I know of and use when buying a domain. For given circumstances, they are weighted in different ways, so while I can’t give a weighted list here, know that there is indeed a weighting suitable for your situation. I’ll try to give examples of this in future posts. More »