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Sometimes you want to check the same domain name in two different ways. The most common was is if you want to check if it’s available on a domain check site, and you want to see the site itself. What’s the quickest way to check both? More »

All too often I see domains being sold as “brandable”. It’s such an easy term to throw around, as people hide their weak domain behind a veil of subjectivity, or are kidding themselves like an unflinching mother of an ugly child she’s sure is just the handsomest. More »

At this point, search engines like Google still offer a ranking bonus for a particular keyword is that exact keyword is the entire domain name. In general, keywords in URLs are nice and can help rankings, but the exact in particular has consistently offered a noticeable difference. So, in the evaluation of a particular domain, this aspect should be considered. But how, and to what extent? More »

A pet peeve of mine is people confusing a large amount of search results as an indicator of search volume. Search results represent the state of the web’s pages, relative to searched keywords, not the degree to which the keywords themselves are searched. This pet peeve is extended when people search without quotes, since the exact phrase they think they’re seeing search volumes for may not even be on the page (you would need to have searched terms in quotation marks for pages with the exact phrase). More »

It’s 2am, and there are 5 minutes left to bid in the auction. You’ve done some number crunching, and it seems like a fantastic deal. Still, even as a deal, the investment is considerable. Will you fire another shot?

It times like these, and also when things are a bit less hectic, it can be invaluable to have someone to ask for a second, or third opinion. More »